What Are the Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges Organizations Face Today?

The biggest challenges organizations face in cybersecurity are managing costs, knowing the necessary steps to take, and having or finding the talent. Identifying the steps, prioritizing them, and simply getting started are key in overcoming these challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Many organizations mistakenly assume effective cybersecurity is unaffordable.
  • Being agile, proactive, and swift in implementing. cybersecurity solutions are essential to protect reputations and ensure business continuity.
  • To address talent shortages, leverage existing personnel for tasks within their core competencies and outsource specialized tasks.

Meet Our Speaker

Dave Stenger, Chief Information Officer

For 20 years, Dave has led innovative technology initiatives at Knowledge Services. Throughout his tenure, he has navigated an incredible amount of change in the cybersecurity landscape, transforming the organization from a humble learner on its own security journey to a trusted guide for others.

Dave’s extensive experience and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in confidently steering Knowledge Services and its clients towards robust cybersecurity solutions.