What are some ways to evaluate vendors?

Thoroughly assessing and evaluating potential vendors begins with defining your organization’s goals for the services provided. As you validate their credentials and capabilities, consider their ability to scale services along with your organization’s projected growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Clearly define your goals and prioritize industry experience for the prospective service.
  • Contact past clients and peers in the industry for insight into a potential vendor’s reliability, certifications, and experience.
  • Choose a partner who can help you grow, keep you informed, and be readily available when needed.

Meet Our Speaker

Jordan Hickam, Director of Cybersecurity Services

As someone who has traversed various sectors including healthcare, medical devices, and state government business advocacy, Jordan has a multifaceted understanding of the intricate workings of organizational systems and the critical nature of safeguarding sensitive information. His time in the medical sector exposed him to the challenges of securing patient data and medical technologies from cyber threats. Moreover, his tenure in the business advocacy arena shed light on cybersecurity’s pivotal role in maintaining business continuity and regulatory adherence within a complex economic landscape. These varied experiences underscore the critical significance of cybersecurity in protecting individual privacy, corporate assets, and the foundational integrity of essential services and societal infrastructure.