How Should Organizations Assess Their Level of Cyber Maturity?

While IT departments and cybersecurity teams have many valuable skills, the demands of day-to-day operations often leave little time to focus on cyber efforts. To bridge this gap, organizations can enlist the assistance of third-party assessors to evaluate their cybersecurity efforts and assign a cyber maturity score.  

Key Takeaways

  • A qualified and independent third-party assessment organization (3PAO) can help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on risk level.
  • Expect thorough questioning and documentation review from assessors. While this process may feel the process is uncomfortable, it is necessary to achieve a positive outcome.
  • A cyber maturity assessment can offer the transparent insights needed to develop a plan for upcoming cybersecurity investments. 

Meet Our Speaker

Fred Brittain, Vice President of Cybersecurity

Before joining Knowledge Services, Fred Brittain spent nearly 30 years in public-sector higher education and state government, including serving as the State of Maine’s chief information officer. After seeing cyber threats grow firsthand, Fred is familiar with the challenge of finding the right partners to work with to improve cyber maturity.