Achieving Collaboration Through Cybersecurity Industry Forums

Published November 6, 2023
by Jordan Hickam

As private sector companies increasingly move their workflow operations into cloud environments, collaboration is a crucial element of their cybersecurity efforts to effectively and collectively combat cyber threats and protect sensitive information. Private sector collaboration allows businesses and cybersecurity stakeholders to pool their knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to better protect against malicious cybercriminals and accidental or intentional insider threats. One way to work together and foster collaboration is through participation in cybersecurity industry forums, where expert professionals and novices can share information, best practices, and unique insights. 

Collaboration in Cybersecurity Industry Forums

The World Wide Web represents a near-limitless resource with many cybersecurity forums, social networks, and joint cyber defense collaborative communities. Some notable and well-regarded cybersecurity-focused online forums include:

  • Cybersecurity Subreddits — As the self-described “front page of the internet,” Reddit is a popular platform for conversations on nearly every topic. Thousands of subreddits, or sub-communities, are dedicated to specific topics, themes, and concepts—including cybersecurity.

With more than 558,000 members, R/Cybersecurity ranks among the top 1% of all subreddits by size and is an active hub for current and aspiring technical professionals to discuss cybersecurity news, research, threats, and more. R/Netsec is another large community for technical news and discussion of information security and similar topics, while R/Cybersecurity_Help focuses on answering questions and solving individuals’ cybersecurity concerns.

  • LinkedIn Groups — The Professional-focused of major social networks, LinkedIn’s groups have grown in popularity as they bring together like-minded business leaders. Information Security Community is one of the platform’s largest groups, with more than 578,000 members. However, there are many smaller, tight-knit communities for niche audiences, such as Data-Centric Security, Cybersecurity Forum for Business and Government, and Cybersecurity for Small Business.
  • Bleeping Computers With more than 900,000 total members, Bleeping Computer covers many IT topics. It offers specialized tutorials, virus removal guides, and more related news relevant to the cybersecurity space.
  • Spiceworks Security Forum A dedicated IT community, Spiceworks includes forums on various cybersecurity-related topics. Members can post security challenges, get expert advice, browse how-to guides, and discover helpful resources.
  • Wilders Security Forums With a robust archive featuring millions of posts and hundreds of thousands of threads to search, Wilders Security Forums is a well-known and established resource for researching and discussing nearly any cybersecurity-based topic.
  • MalwareTips The more than 60,000 members of MalwareTips include IT professionals who share strategies and help prevent users from falling victim to common and evolving cybersecurity threats.

Exploring Cybersecurity Through Leading Publications and Resources

While not traditional forums full of user-generated content, there’s also no shortage of high-quality journalism and reporting done daily within the cybersecurity space:

  • Wired — The Security section of the popular tech business and culture publication’s website includes coverage of cybersecurity news and related security developments.
  • Dark Reading — One of the most widely read cybersecurity news sites, the Dark Reading community also hosts webinars and other events and publishes a popular newsletter.
  • Cybersecurity Insiders — Cybersecurity Insiders is a comprehensive resource for anything and everything related to cybersecurity while publishing reports, hosting webinars, and maintaining a large, free research library.
  • CIO — The Security section of this online magazine is geared toward helping enterprise CIOs and business technology executives face and understand emerging cybersecurity challenges.
  • CSO — CSO services enterprise security decision-makers and users with essential information for staying ahead and defending against criminal cyberattacks.
  • Infosecurity Magazine — Infosecurity Magazine provides free educational content such as webinars and whitepapers, while its award-winning editorial content includes coverage of hot topics and trends, in-depth news analysis, and opinion columns from industry experts.

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